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Ep. 017 | Amazing Not So Common Places to Travel

ust hung out with Kevin Wenning, a legendary traveler and guide. I bet he will convince you to abandon your Miami trips and head on to the less traveled places around the globe. Who knows...this may change your Bar trip ideas or soon to be vacation.

Ep. 016 | MOTIVATION Feat. The JD Marine -Ruddy Adames

Rudy is a Marine and law school graduate. This guy is one of the only people that can motivate me in one short conversation. Worth a listen, without a doubt. We tackle how why it is so important to stay motivated in this highly competetive world and how to stay motivated.                                              Follow me on Instgram at @DMGHPodcast.                                     Also please leave a review on Apple Podcasts.                                                   

Ep. 015 | The BAR Exam Nightmare Feat. Diane Chang

This week I sat down with Diane Chang and we discussed the infamous BAR. We talked about tips, tricks, and misconceptions. Feel free to head over to Diane's Instagram page @dianechanglaw.

Ep. 014 | Avengers: Endgame Review *SPOILERS*

This episode is a little bit out of the norm. As a lifetime geek and comic book fanatic here is my Avengers: Endgame review.

Ep. 013 Using Whole Life Insurance to Invest like the Rich.

So far in 2019, I was most shocked to learn how the rich use Whole Life Insurance as a unique investment tool. In essence when you use whole life insurance, you are turning yourself into the bank. In this episode, Amanda and I discuss how one can use this and who it is best suited for.

Ep. 012 JD to Jay Z Feat. Shahroz

Can you follow your passions during law school, graduate school, or even college? Well, Shahroz did. Shahroz is a graduating law student and booming rapper. Here we discuss Shahroz's path and how you can follow your passions during law school too.  

Ep. 011 | "Breaking into my life" Feat. Michelle Moravek

Michelle is out to raise awareness and compassion for those struggling with mental illness along with those who care for them, so that more people get the treatment and help they need and deserve. She believes that together we can eradicate the mental health stigma once and for all. Priceless information for law students and attorneys.

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Ep. 010 | Real Est. w/ a FT JOB? A, B, C Prop? R to V Ratio?

Check out this great videWhats up! Today I spoke to Lane Kawoaka, a real estate investor with over 2,100 properties. 

Ep. 009 | Using Music To Conquer Mental Health

Bill Protzmann is an award-winning advocate and teacher of music as self care. He lives in San Diego California with his wife and three step-daughters and is very involved as a volunteer teacher of self-care tools with homeless and at-risk populations, including military Veterans. 

In this episodes, we discuss how everyone can use music to improve their mental health.  

Ep. 008 | Should You Start Investing?

Are you ready to invest? Do you have debt credit cards? Let's talk about what you need to be considering before making your move on the market.

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Ep. 007 | Do Law School Rankings Matter???

Do law school rankings matter? It depends! But it is something to alway consider. What if you are deciding between a school ranked 50 versus 59? Of course...surprise surprise...we have an opinion about that!

Ep. 006 | House Hacking: Best way to begin investing...

Two words. House Hacking. Nuff Said. One of the best ways to invest. Most people should consider this. Here is some information on it. I hope this helps! Dan is a professional real estate investor and will help us out on this quest. 

Ep. 005 | Work Life Balance in Law School and Practice

Law School and Practice can be...well... a little much. Here, Dan and Pratik discuss this. One of many videos on the subject we will cover. Mental help is the most important aspect of anyones life. This is not talked about enough. We are trying to change this.

Ep. 004 | Dan Owns 90 Rental Properties, Why Dont You?!

The title says it all! Dan has been investing for less than a decade, yet owns 90 plus rental units. Here is his story!

Ep. 003 | Are You Ready For Law School!?

Do you think you are ready for law school just because you watch Olivia Benson catch weirdos and the DA throw them behind bars? Watching law and order svu is no indicator! Think again! Law School is nothing like legally blonde!

Ep. 002 | #1 Way to Get Into Law School

Today we will be discussing the best ways to get into law school with our guest Pratik, a 3rd year law student set to take over the legal industry!